Kapalya Launches Ubiquitous End-to-End Encryption Software

Author: kapalya.

On average, 26.8% of businesses in the United States are predicted to experience a data breach, according to the 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study done by Ponemon Institute, with the average cost to a business being $7.35 million. In an effort to combat this risk, IT departments are challenged to enable layers and layers of security and deploy several vendors to ensure the safety of its company’s data. But, there’s only so much an IT department can do, especially when you have little control over the employees that handle sensitive customer information daily and utilize a slew of devices and cloud platforms.

This challenge provided the foundation for Kapalya’s Encryption Management System. We recognized a gap in the way users want to share files and the way encryption is typically served today. Most encryption software companies on the market specialize in one area of protection such as Identity and Access Management, Mobile Device Management, encryption, VPN or Enterprise Mobility Management. What Kapalya aimed to do was provide an easy-to-use system, where employees can work on any device, on any platform while keeping their files safe and being able to share files in anyway they’d like.

After three years of blood sweat and tears, working tirelessly to get Kapalya up and running, the time has come to bring Kapalya’s Encryption Management System to market.

How it started
Our fearless leader/founder/CEO, Sudesh Kumar is obsessed with cyber security. He has serious trust issues when it comes to the data protection techniques of any company touting to protect customer data. And with breaches happening daily, his obsession is not wildly off.

“I reached out and spoke with businesses of all different sizes, from all different industries to solicit feedback and gain perspectives on the security issues they face and the best way these problems could be addressed,” says Kumar.

The resulting product we have today is a compilation of the invaluable feedback gathered through this anecdotal research. Here’s what we discovered:

  • Businesses need full control over the safety, privacy and protection of their information.
  • Companies want to manage their encryption keys across endpoints, private clouds, on-prem file servers and on public clouds.
  • IT departments cannot solely rely on the encryption and data protection public cloud vendors offer. It is every businesses responsibility to ensure that they are in full control of all encryption keys at all times.
  • Employees must be able to share their encrypted files within their company and with outside vendors, without having to share encryption keys with internal or external privileged users.
  • Shared encrypted files must be sent and received with end-to-end encryption.

Kapalya’s Encryption Management System uses client-side encryption and each file and folder is encrypted with an individual key. Data is protected both at rest and in transit. The application serves to provide ubiquitous encryption by protecting endpoints, private clouds and public clouds. It uses an advanced data classification engine to proactively search endpoints for sensitive information. Because businesses have so many different places in which they create and store data, our list of supported public clouds, private clouds and endpoints will continue to grow!

For more information on Kapalya’s solution, click here to have a specialist reach out to you to discuss your specific business needs. Or try it now for free!